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Our yoga school situated in Rishikesh "The Yoga Capital Of The World", one can learn and practice the yoga through different yoga course, i.e., 100 hours yoga teacher training course, 200 hours yoga teacher training course & yoga retreat under the guidance of experience & well-profession yoga-gurus or yoga teachers.

We make yoga your way of living. When you master the art of performing yoga, you start having control over your mind, body, and soul. People don’t understand the difference between being alone and being lonely but we help you in enjoying your own company. We believe that there is bliss in solitude.

The yoga retreats are organized to make you perform yoga asanas in the naturally beautiful environment. The river Ganges flows with complete serenity and the essence of its flowing takes you away from the cacophony of the city life. Relaxing near the river Ganges and performing yoga help you in calming your nerves. We also indulge in imparting the knowledge of Ayurveda to our yoga students.

The mission of our yoga school is to make your body, mind, and soul free from all the negative thoughts and powers. Yoga is power! It brings back to love and peace back to your life. Our teachers are yoga experts who not only help you with the asanas but also provide you with the knowledge and concepts of yogic science. We want all our students to become spiritual yoga teachers in their life.

Unless you have peace of mind, you cannot become a good yoga teacher. Certification is secondary. Our yoga teacher training courses are designed keeping all the aspects of yoga in mind. Join our 200 yoga teacher training course and indulge in a plethora of yogic practices at the most affordable fees.

Our accommodations are luxurious having all the basic amenities so that you can relax there whenever you get time. Diet also plays an important role in the life of yogis and hence our teachers recommend you with diet to make your body free from gluten.

Our main motive is to make you an expert yoga teacher who is spiritual as well as certified. The courses we offer are reliable as well as pocket-friendly. Join our courses today!

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